Aug 23, 2017

Getting Our Bus

The end of July found four of us ( Dad, Mom, Laurissa, and Naomi) making an unexpected trip to Cody, Wyoming to pick up a new travel rig. The trip there and back was short and very intense. 30 plus hours of driving in just under four days! Leaving Sunday afternoon and getting back late Wednesday night left just enough time to drive there, spend a day to look the bus over, and drive the 15 hours back home.

Driving through South Dakota.

Morning smiles.

On our way west we got to drive through the Bad Lands. 

It was beautiful!

~ Laurissa ~

Love the color in these dunes. 

Looking out over the plains.


Driving through the Big Horn mountains was definitely our favorite!

Pictures don't even do justice to the amazing beauty that is out there!

We made it! Cody Wyoming.

Here it is folks!

Laurissa down in the pit, after Dad gave the brakes a tune up. 

We are leaving for home!

Laurissa was thrilled that Dad let her drive the bus part of the way home.

Our first meal on our "new" bus. Mini wheats anyone???

Fueled up and ready to hit the road again!

The last day of our trip we stopped in Alexandria, MN to meet our uncle at the Culver's there for some ice cream. Having locked the bus before we went in was probably a smart thing to do. Or maybe not... When you end up locking yourselves out! The lock was stuck!

Thankfully we were able to get in through the window. 
Dad's brother pulled his truck up to the bus and we used that for a ladder. Laurissa then went in and tried to unlock the stuck lock, but it didn't budge. Then Dad climbed through, and still it wouldn't give. We ended up taking the whole lock off. But we got in! ;)

We got her home!

The next day found the girls cleaning both the inside and outside of the bus.

Yikes Miranda! What did you find under there?

Allison smiling pretty.

We all feel pretty blessed right now with this new blessing straight from heaven.
Let's just say that without God working all the details out for us we wouldn't have gotten this bus.
 God is SO good! And we are thanking and praising Him for his faithfulness.

"But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, 
With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26