Jul 24, 2012


Happy 13th Birthday Miranda!

Guess which one is the birthday girl???? :P

Jul 17, 2012

Hobo Breakfast

  For the 4th of July our Family was invited to a hobo breakfast along with some friends that attend our church.
  Our family enjoyed it a lot!

~ Cans for our stoves ~

~ Dan Borntrager lighted the cans ~

~ Frying our breakfast ~

 The pancakes were delicious!

Jonathan Wiltrout had the idea of mixing blueberries with his.

Laurissa even tried frying part of a banana, but it didn't work that well. 
It got very mushy!

~ Kara ~

 I couldn't help but mix this picture in with the rest. It's so cute!

And Later a friend came over and gave us carriage rides.

The ride was amazing!

Jul 16, 2012


Over two weeks ago the five of us girls ( including Mom) went to Canada to visit my sister Andrea.
  We spent about a week up there, and had a terribly fun trip. Here are a few shots of what we were doing there. 

The first thing we did was to help Andrea paint her kitchen.

~ Putting the tape on the edges ~

~ Laurissa painting primer ~

I'm sorry for not taking very many pictures of this event, but I too was busy painting, and did not have much time to take pictures. 
  But after the primer had dried we painted the kitchen walls green. And later on we painted Andrea and Joels bedroom with primer. 
  ( I like painting so it was fun! ) =)