Apr 17, 2016

Life in March

Life during the month of March was a busy one for us.
We got home towards the beginning of March, and with that came the well familier way of normal life. But first we had to settle back into our own house again! So the next couple of days found us unloading the motor home and putting the things back to their right places, unpacking all our belongings, catching up on the many loads of laundry that had to be done, and cleaning a house that was pretty much vacant for a whole month.
Shortly afterwards we all went to our normal job sites. Dad with his machanicing, fixing tractors and farm equipment around the neighborhood. Matthew left pretty much right after getting home for Nebraska with a unground irrigation job down there. Laurissa and Miranda work at a farm nearby and milk mornings and evenings, so right after we arrived back home they started that again. And then the four of us girls all take turns babysitting our three neighbor kids five days out of the week. Yup, I would say that we've been busy!

The girls like to use the horses for transportation. Since the farm that they work at is only about a mile away, it makes it easy to just hop on a horse and ride over.
Here Allison joined Miranda for a ride on over. They like to do that a lot!

At the barn...

Milking cows...

Here is one of the many calves that are there.

Riding home...

These sweet little kiddos are so much fun! We sure missed them while we were gone! And I think they missed us too.

Fun times...

Later in the month we had a few really nice, warm days! We used the opportunity to get some outside chores done, like mucking out the horse sheds.


And of course, they just had to have a manure fight.

We took hauls of the stinky stuff and put in on the garden for fertilizer.

I got my rake in hand...

To clean up all this brush.

Miranda cleaning up the stump.

During those nice days we also got our seeds started in our greenhouse.

We have some little beds in the greenhouse that we used to plant things like lettuce, carrots, and radishes in.

This picture was taken a couple weeks after we planted them.

Another event that took place in March was Naomi's 18th birthday.
Here Daddy treated her out to a yummy breakfast.

They got home from our morning's expedition and came home to the house like this. They surprised Naomi by putting up all these decorations and throwing a party.

The table was so cheerful!

These beautiful flowers were given to Naomi by a sweet sister.

Around the table with some friends.

The food that was served was pot pie, ceaser salad, and a chip mix. We also had some fizzy juice to go along with it.

Laurissa made a scrumptious frozen lemmon dessert.

Gift time!

Starbucks coffee beans!

Candy! =)

Picture time!

Happy birds!

Oh no!


Our four friends that were at the party.

All of us together...

Thanks to those who took the time and energy to make my day so special. It was splendid!

So that concludes our month in March. Until next time...

"And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God and the Father by him."
Collossians 3:17